“Sugar Free” Peanut Butter Cookies!

I love cookies but for some reason sugar doesn’t like me so I try to substitute cane sugar for various other sweeteners.
Such as:

Apple Puree
Organic Maple Syrup

Amazingly enough honey doesn’t harm me a bit which is great because every now and then a girl needs to have a little sweet tooth.
I also tend to cook with Gluten Free Flours and Dairy Free or Lactose Free dairy varieties just to make sure my tummy digests everything normally.

Generally i don’t bother with any sweets but i just had this hankering for some homemade cookies so i set to work and this is what i came up with.


4 Tablespoons of Honey
4 Tablespoons on Dairy Free Peanut Butter (I used a natural crunchy variety)
2/3 Cup of Dairy Free Margarine (i always use Nuttelex)
just over 2/3 Cup of Flour (you may need to add more when you are mixing together)

Preheat oven at 180C.

In a small pot place Butter, Honey and Peanut Butter in and dissolve and heat through.
Once your mixture has become runny take off heat.
(My mixture was not completely smooth because I used Crunchy Peanut Butter rather than smooth)

Meanwhile in a Bowl (I used my mixture to prepare this) sift flour then add heated mixture and stir thoroughly.
Like I mentioned before you may need to add a touch more flour depending how your heated mixture melts down.

I allowed the mixture to cool for a few minutes while i was cleaning up  because it has just come off the heat so remember its going to be hot!  Don’t place in the fridge to cool just leave it on the bench to cool a little just so you don’t burn your fingers.

Once cool enough to touch,
Roll into small balls and press onto a lined cookie tray
(I use a heavy base Cookie sheet to make sure the bottoms don’t burn and the cookies cook evenly)


Place cookies in the oven for 10 minutes or until golden.

Once cooked i slide the grease proof paper off the tray to allow the cookies to cool on a cooler surface.
If you move the cookies too soon they will be to soft and they will break apart so please allow them to harden before placing on a cooling rack.


The result is yummy good for sensitive tummies cookies!


I tend to stick with natural sweeteners when i am wanting something naughty you just don’t know what all those artificial and other plant derived sweeteners are going to do to you system.
Always research all sweeteners before using them on you or your family you don’t want to place them at risk.

Have a Blessed day and happy baking!! xx


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